Sandy and I are embarking on the creation of our first joint w:60″ x h”40″ canvas together. It will be a combination of a smooth, underpainting of a Venus’ face, with a golden mask and jewelry designed and painted by Sandy on top.

Here is a work in progress of preliminary sketches for my part of the design, the underpainting.


Venus drawing 1
Venus drawing 2
Venus drawing 3
Venus Painting Black
Venus Painting Black Strokes

Now that the concept sketch has been completed, I have had the opportunity to experience problems before they arise, which helps give me confidence about painting it at this scale. I first start by transposing, or drawing my composition on to the canvas using a grid to help me strategically place my strokes. Once the image is transferred to the canvas, I begin painting by blocking in the black.

This is a work-in-progress. Check back periodically for updates.