You might be wondering “So what does he do exactly anyway?”. Simply put, I offer freelance illustration & graphic design services for all kinds of creative projects. Here are a few of my favourite project types to work on.

Art Prints

I offer high quality prints of my artwork available for sale on my online store. These are digital prints using professional archival inks on a fine art matte medium. The paper is made from 100% cotton rag and using a hot press production technique, this paper features a smooth matte finish. The heavy weight of 330 gsm, thickness of 17 mil, and opacity of 98%, these prints deliver bright whites, deep blacks, and a wide color gamut. This bright paper is free of acid, lignin, and chlorine and is pH buffered for a long happy life together.

Kylo Ren Print
Grizzly Bear Print
Darth Vader Print
Homo Sapien Print
Fusion Projects Mural

Commercial Murals

I am currently developing a certain style for wall murals. This style is in partnership with my amazing illustrator wife Sandy who brings my designers to life. We are available for hire to paint office murals or outdoor murals. We are always amazed at what a mural does for a space, especially in a corporate setting. People will literally fight over booking the room a mural is installed in.

Hootsuite Spotted Boardroom - Great Horned Owl
xMatters Star Wars Mural
Allocadia Mural
Kafka's Coffee & Tea Mural - 2016 Vancouver Mural Festival

Applied Illustration

Are you looking for a custom illustration to be created for your product? Such as skis, bikes, utility boxes, and much more.

Skevik Skis Pell Graphic
The Champion by Sandy Pell and Steve Pell
Hootsuite Customer Service Vinyl Mural
City of Vancouver Utility Box
Kafka's Coffee & Tea Mural - 2016 Vancouver Mural Festival
#singitfwd Poster

Poster Design

Trying to gain attention in todays extremely noisy world is increasingly difficult. Posters are an excellent way of wayfinding your customers to where your service or product resides. I can help you design an awesome poster which will help stand out from the crowd by utilizing all the skills that I am best at, which is graphic design, photography, and illustration.

2001 Space Odyssey Fan Poster
Fallout 4 Poster - Brotherhood of Steel Helmet
Freak Show Halloween Poster
#singitfwd Poster

Handmade Signage

Another option to hand-painted murals or signs, is computer cut vinyl designs. I offer design services for creating vinyl-ready files which can be sent off to the sign shop of your choice for production and installation, or I can hand-paint it myself for that crafted look.

Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal
Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal Design
Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal Cut
Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal Weed
Pellvetica Macbook Vinyl Decal Install
Drawing study of a female figure

Fine Art

Thought not my current focus, I will be offering my drawings and paintings for sale as I produce more of them. Stay tuned!

Albert Einstein Drawing
Deer Skull digital painting
Titanic Drawing
Lineless Bear Concept Detail

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