Sandy Backsplash IdeaI thought

It would be pretty cool if the ugly red wall behind Sandy’s work station was brightened up a bit, this way her peripheral vision wasn’t hammered with colour balance killing red. What came to mind was an energy field interacting with the brightness of the screen.

The idea

Would be to create a h:60″ x w:40″ canvas which would live behind the display. This canvas would be customized specifically for the purpose of imposing it’s will on the monitor and workstation area.


Updated Feb 9, 3:52pm

Concept Sketch 1

Finished sketching out a first iteration idea. Imagine this drawing as the basis of a 40″ wide by 60″ tall canvas that will live behind a 27″ computer monitor.

Sandy's Desk Canvas Concept 1


Latest Update: March 16, 2017

I no longer really see the point to this canvas or project, so I have move on to other things for now. I may revisit this design again at some point, but for now I remain uncommitted.