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What does this mean? Pellvetica is the name of the combined efforts of talented illustrator Sandy Pell and her amazing design guru husband Steve Pell ;). After much trial and error, Sandy and Steve decided it would be better if they published their work independently under their own names since they have different visions and styles. The Pellvetica style is Sandy’s illustration masterwork, wrapped in Steve’s graphic design aesthetic. They will still collaborate using this style, but will now focus on publishing work independently. is where you can find all of Sandy’s work, and is where you can find all of Steve’s work.  Pellvetica’s prints are still available on Steve’s online store.

Thanks you to everyone who encourages our collaboration and to our great clients who gave us amazing creative opportunities. We are still available for hire as a dynamic duo. Please contact us if you have an interesting project.

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How much do you charge for a mural?

We (Sandy and I) estimate our price using a unit rate of $40 per square foot with a minimum of 100 square feet of volume. Our price will flucuate from there. The unit rate will rise on a few factors, such as a space smaller than our minimum, a client who wants to micromanage the design, or a difficult space to access which requires awkward physical effort or dangerous working conditions. The unit price will drop the larger the volume of space gets and the more creative freedom we are given.

Will you work pro-bono?

Yes, we will work pro bono, minus material expenses, such as paint, scaffolding, or any unforseen expenses. We will work pro bono under 2 conditions. 1) If we are given absolute creative freedom. We value ideas and feedback from key stakeholders but ultimately we want the power of unimpeded choice. 2) If we are very interested in the project because there is a good cause associated with it and it is an opportunity to try something that we would normally never have the chance to try.

What is your process?

Our ultimate goal with any project is to have fun, so we like to make this process as easy as possible for both parties. We would visit the wall in person to take photos and measurements, as well as meet you to brainstorm ideas. After our site visit, we provide a cost estimate on your desired space based on the wall’s square footage and complexity of the artwork. Once we agree on a price, we require a 50% deposit and signed contract to book our time. After we gather all of the necessary information, we sketch out some ideas and composite them onto photos of your space which we share with you for feedback. Depending on how much creative freedom you give us, we provide a maximum of 3 sketch revisions. Solidifying the idea in advance allows us to proceed to the next phase of the project, which is the production of the polished artwork. We create the artwork digitally to use as reference for the final piece which enables us to efficiently and meticulously hand-paint the final artwork on to the wall. This digital file also gives us the ability to use it for many other applications, such as company swag.

How long does a mural take to install?

Installation typically takes 1 weekend but will vary depending on size and complexity. We start on a Friday evening, after your staff has left for the weekend. We continue through until Sunday morning or until we are satisfied with the quality putting in 18 hours a day of production. If we are unable to complete the mural in a single weekend, we will come back subsequent weekends until the it’s complete. This process is very time consuming but also a lot of fun.

What do we get for our investment?

Your investment is in us. It pays for the time and care we put into each piece as well as the opportunity to have a custom “Pell” mural. More importantly, we believe it is an investment in your spiritual well-being in a culture we think is devoid and in need of spiritual expression. Said another way, we believe art, such as murals, play an important and positive role in the psychology of you or your staff. Office murals impact the cultural dynamic of any working environment, and we are glad to see the idea of murals at offices gaining traction. We have witnessed firsthand the awesome power of murals (i.e. people haggling over booking of a boardroom with a beautiful mural in it). You will also receive digital copies (.tiff format) to use in any way you wish, such as marketing campaigns, company swag, desktop or mobile wallpapers, and much more.

How do you accept payment?

We require a 50% deposit on the agreed project estimate before we begin any work. Once the mural is complete, the final 50% of the invoice will be due, Net 30 (30 days) from the completion date. If additional work is requested after the original contract is signed, we will treat this new request as a new project and will provide you with a new invoice and contract for that request. We only accept cheque or cash for mural payments.

Who owns the intellectual property of the artwork?

We will retain rights to the intellectial propery (IP) of the artwork giving us the ability to share the work for marketing purposes, such as through Instagram, or on this website. We will not resell the artwork in any way. The artwork was designed for you, and will be exclusive to you. Some clients require us to sell them the IP rights because of non-disclosure agreements (NDA) which we are happy to do. You can purchase these rights off of us for an additional fee.

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